The purpose of mechanical testing is to verify the mechanical robustness of your module, sub-system or system.

In our mechanical test laboratory we can apply a wide range of mechanical stresses to your products. 


  • Sine vibration
  • Random vibration
  • Combined vibration / Temperature cycling
  • Half sine bump and shock
  • Board level bending and shock
  • In-house tool shop for design and manufacturing of mechanical test fixtures

The mechanical properties of an electronic system enclosure have to be stressed in order to determine the robustness of the total system. The multiple electrical interconnections have our special attention.

We have a Electro Dynamic Shaker for the execution of vibration, bump and low g-force shock tests on components and systems. Sine and random vibration can be applied in 3 directions.

For high g-force shock and BLR drop test 2 systems are available for component shock and board level reliability solderjoint drop test.

The classic vibration and shock test is used to test the robustness of a complete system using IEC/MIL specifications.

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